MeTruth is simple. But life is crowded.

My name is Mary Alysse Dodds, and I’m passionate about seeking truth and writing simply. Just a glimpse of heaven’s truth momentarily dissolves the noise of life. Every brick of truth builds an unshakable foundation.

I love deep conversations, coffee, family, and sleep. I was born in China to missionary parents and grew up as a homeschooler in Lancaster County. I’m a paralegal with a Me&MattB.A. in English from Regent University. When I’m not being a reclusive introvert, I enjoy spending time with my kind-hearted, adventurous husband.

I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember. It’s more thrilling than roller coasters or white water rafting. I’ve kept my writing quiet for years, fearing that you might laugh as I divulge my soul. But I’ve found that writing inspires me, soothes me, and draws me closer to God like nothing else. So, I write.


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