It’s Time for the Cupcake

The story of Heather Hoffman written by Mary Alysse Dodds


“Can I please pay for the meal or help out?” I kept asking. At least let me pray for you, do something?

I didn’t deserve their generosity. The Scotland host couple spent three days spoiling my sister and I, but I hadn’t done anything for them. I didn’t even know them. Why were they paying for me?

“Heather, can I ask you a question?” Jim asked.

“Sure.” I nodded.

“Who’s your father?” His kind voice made me stop for a minute.


13055879_10207522611357236_276572552796039035_o“Heather, if you can’t receive gifts from me, how are you to receive good gifts from your heavenly father?” 

His question pierced me and stuck. If a couple who barely knows me wants to spoil me, how much more does God?

I got two weeks traveling Africa, Spain and Scotland, with cheap flights and spoiling hosts. I delighted in the beautiful Scottish seaside cliffs and realized God is excited to fulfill my smallest desires. God protected me from buying a house with a hidden sewer problem I wouldn’t have been able to afford.

Then there was an opening for my dream job. But I laid it down. I told the kids at my church ministry I wasn’t going to look for a job. God would just plop it in my lap. So I let the idea slide.

It was like God said, “Here Heather. Here’s a big cupcake, and you can have it right now,” and I said, “No, Jesus, it’s not time.”

12466020_939121319498202_4964182257120800056_o“Heather, you have to apply for this job,” a second friend texted.

Okay. God sent two ships, so I applied and had the position in a couple weeks. The Lord keeps reminding me that he always provides, and I should give just as freely.

“There are women who need to know the love of a home,” God said.

“Oh, Jesus, I’ve been really careful with my money. I saved to bless my future husband. If I buy a home for Reading women no one’s going to want to marry me.”

But I received spoiling in Scotland, and there’s someone on the other side of my act of obedience, of my giving–the cancer patients, the women in my home.

It’s like a row of dominos. I can pick up the person in front of me because I know Jesus is behind to catch me. I never thought I’d be 23 and buying a house for inner-city women. But home is where God calls you.

12183704_10206356138556145_7088269900736680148_oHeather Hoffman is a nurse, a faithful friend, and a follower of Jesus. She works in Reading with Feet on the Street’s youth and women’s ministries, and is scheduled to settle August 24, 2016, on a five-bedroom home to expand her women’s ministry. Heather gets ecstatic when God pops her the perfect, cheap gift at Goodwill, she loves to laugh, and she’ll always make you smile.


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