Worth Throwing Up in a Squatty Potty

The story of Dan Harper written by Mary Alysse Dodds

12091217_10207717999338393_7323566822064249822_o - CopyI was throwing up in a Himalayan squatty potty thinking I don’t ever want to do this again. But then I thought about Jesus.

“Will you share the good news with lost people, Dan?”

“Yeah. I’ll be sick in a squatty potty for that any day.”  

Simply saying yes to Jesus has changed everything. At six I knew following Jesus was the right thing. I tried to please him, but I was afraid to share Jesus with my friends in high school.

When I said yes to six months with YWAM, Jesus started asking me to pray with people. Each time I became more courageous. The fear lessened, but I always had to step out.

“Dan, will you return to staff YWAM?” God asked?

“I thought I was signing just up for six months!” But I said yes.

I laid in bed thinking tomorrow I will be a team leader.

“God, I can’t lead these people. I’m the same age or younger than most of them. I don’t know what I’m doing. Here I am without any money, and I’m supposed to be telling them how to live their lives.”

10247249_10202525325149221_2506112169019779200_n - Copy“Be strong and courageous, Dan.”

“All right. I’ll just go for it.”

Sometimes I’d think my prayers were totally cliche, but the person cried. Sometimes I’d feel right on and get skeptical looks.  

Sometimes the fear of getting it wrong made me passive. Then I missed out. I would rather have gotten it wrong than not try.

Like when a student heard God’s voice for the first time. He said the name of a Himalayan city.

“We’ll go and see what happens.”

We prayed between the temples and sacrificial goats, basically in the middle of Hindu worship.

People started jumping, “It’s different. It’s different.”

10173548_10152384269638421_419194970938207872_n - CopyThey brought their families and friends. Six hours. I was tired and hungry. No matter how short my prayers were, people kept getting healed.

“Jesus, I feel like a machine.”

“Then do it with me, Dan.”

“All right, Jesus. Let’s heal this person.” I started teaching the kids around me to pray.

It makes sense God uses healing to reach the hurt and afraid. Most have lost family and homes to earthquakes. They think the spirits will punish them with sickness or bad dreams.

If I simply tell them there’s a God who loves them, if I introduce them to Jesus, they don’t have to be afraid anymore. It’s just so simple in my mind. They don’t want to serve their gods.

13767395_10153831069692569_8545835033218950469_oI’m ready to hike audio bibles to roadless villages for the rest of my life or until the Himalayas get saved.

Daniel Harper finds joy in saying yes to Jesus. He’s spent the last three years with Youth with a Mission as a student and team leader. After getting married in December, Dan and his wife plan to move to the Himalayas. They have a passion to hike to roadless villages after times of worship and prayer.   


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