Sin is Not a Gift

“Test everything, hold on to what is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21). That’s my gift, discernment. I see and speak truth when no one else wants to.

“But what do you hold on to, Mary?” God asked. “What do you remember?”

“The bad.” Darn. He got me. The things I see, the things I remember are always the bad because I have to focus on fixing them. Lies and sin destroy. If I don’t bring deceit to light, I submit to it. That’s my excuse.

“Truth sets you free, Mary. Not identifying lies.”

Wow. I only go half way. I compulsively critique and have the gall to call it my spiritual gift.

Oh, the devil is so tricky. He doesn’t tell the Hulk he’s not strong. He tells Bruce Benner his strength does more harm than good.

hulk-578088_1920He tells me I’m great at discernment but keeps me focused on the lies.

“Your negativity just tears people down, Mary. You cause the world more harm than good.”

And I believe him, so I hide like the Hulk. I focus on controlling my negativity, like I’m trying not to turn green. Then I smash and destroy, and the devil likes that too.

“You go, Mary. Of course they don’t want to hear it, but it’s the truth. People have always hated prophets.”

The dust settles, and the rubble horrifies me. He’s right, the world’s better off when I’m in hiding.

“Sin is not a gift, Mary.” God finds me undercover. “Negativity destroys. I heal.”

I can’t believe I’ve been calling negativity my super power, my spiritual gift. I’ve been a lazy cop out, vacillating between raging, green monster and guilty, pitiful hider.

The devil’s been winning the psychological battle.

“Say what is, not what isn’t.” God reminds me of Strunk and White’s words. “When you see the devil’s lies, don’t just say how destructive he is, turn the focus to me. Cling to what is good.”


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