What did Jesus Do for fun?

What did Jesus do for fun? I’ve been wrestling with this question for months, and Google is no help.

I watch movies and feel like I’ve wasted time. Did Jesus ever just have fun? I hope so, because then it’s okay for me to have fun. I hope Jesus did recreational activities, because the idea of always being productive is exhausting.

So what did Jesus do for fun? We’ll he’s eating with friends or at banquets half the time we meet him in the New Testament. He’s often ignoring practical responsibilities or dropping everything to talk with friends, like Mary and Nicodemus. He enjoyed God’s many mandated festivals and weekly rest day. And he spent time alone.

Of course Jesus had fun. Do you think he dreaded all the parties with his friends? Proverbs says laughter is good medicine, and laughter is the quintessential good time. God created fun.

But did Jesus have hobbies like we know them? Did he pursue fun? I don’t see any examples of hobbies in the Bible. But who needs extreme water sports when storms on the open sea are everyday? Who has time for hobbies, when having enough to eat consumes most waking hours?

The truth is recreational hobbies are really a construct of our modern times. In America today, we have more free time and wealth than most people in any time or place in history.

Okay. But would Jesus have gone skiing or bowling, would he have watched movies or played video games if those things existed in his time? The Bible doesn’t say.

The silence grates me. Because if Jesus sat for two hours watching a movie or spent a whole day on recreation, then I can excuse myself for doing the same.

The truth is, I’d really like Jesus to say, “Mary you’ve worked really hard. You deserve me time.” I’d love to know, for all my hard work I deserve an evening or weekend to just do what I want. Really, I’m just being selfish. I just want time where the only thing I have to think about is me, and I want to feel justified doing it.

Well Jesus certainly never did that. Jesus never relaxed selfishly or believed it was his human right to have me time. When he went to be alone and saw a crowd, he had compassion on them. On the one mandated day of rest, the one day others would judge him for taking action, Jesus healed the sick.

My real question isn’t whether I can have fun. It’s whether I can turn off for a while and not have to worry about everyone else in the world. I’m trying to excuse myself. If Jesus pursued pure entertainment, if he crashed at the end of the day and watched TV, if he had hobbies, then I feel vindicated spending time frivolously, just thinking about me for a while.

I’m not really asking if Jesus was sad and serious his whole life. I’m asking if he had time where he only thought about himself. Wow. I’m being so selfish. I’m tired, and I want someone to excuse my selfishness for, say 60 minutes a day.

This had nothing to do with whether hobbies or relaxing are okay. It’s pretty simple. No matter what I’m doing, it’s wrong if I’m being selfish. I don’t really need to know what Jesus did for fun. I need to know whether my heart is like his. In all the free time I’m blessed with as a rich American, am I living God’s heart?

The thing is, God cares very little what I actually do. But whatever I do, I better be doing it to make God proud, to make him look good.


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